Door to door job hunting is one of the oldest methods of finding a job, but it can also be a humiliating experience as you could get chased away by a rude secretary or guard. It’s a method I have also used before and sometimes I got a kind “No, thank you,” other times I got a rude “No, get lost.” Either way, I had to take a very humiliating walk of shame. 

I got so tired of getting no’s and I had to come up with a more dignifying way of finding jobs by door-to-door hunting. Malume, that walk of shame from the receptionists table to the door after you’ve been waiting ain’t it! Here are some steps I think you should take to have a better door-to-door job hunting experience. 

  1. Self-introspect

Bill Bowerman famously said that everything you are looking for is already on the inside of you! Start by searching yourself, your dreams and your desires. Who are you? What kind of work would you like to do? Where would you like to work? What are your skills? What value can you add to any organisation? What are your life goals? The answers to these questions are going to help you before you start looking for a job. 

2. Research, Research, Research 

After you have done your self introspection, you have a clear view of what kind of organisation you would like to work for, what you would like to work as, the strengths and skills you possess and so on. 

The next step is to use your internet to research the companies you’d like to work for, and people who work in the companies you’d like to work for. Sometimes, you can take your research further by visiting these organisations as a customer. This brings us to our third point which is:

3. Be a problem solver

I have come to find that your marketability goes up by 50% if you can solve a problem a company is having. So when you research a company, find out what problems the company is having. Read reviews and try to visit these organisations as a visitor to experience what problems the company is facing. 

I like to think that business owners and key decision makers in companies may find it cumbersome if you just ask for a job. Help them hire you by giving them a reason to do so . If you are a landscaper, and you notice that a company X’s grass is not well kept, propose to help them take care of their grass. 

My dear friend Ezlon found a job by spotting a marketing problem the gym he was going to and then pitching a solution for social media marketing to the owner. The owner told him he couldn’t afford a marketing consultant but he knew someone who owned a company that was desperately looking for a content creator. 

4. Skip the secretary and the guard

The secretary and the guard don’t care about you, you’re just another task on their to-do list they’d rather get rid of. So during your research, find the business owner, or the head of department you’d like to work in. If you can, start  he conversation online and schedule for an in-person appointment to discuss the opportunity in person. 

I think it is much better to tell the receptionist you’re here to see a particular person than to say you’re looking for a job. Be nice to them though, but chances are very low they’ll help you find a job. 

I hope these tips help you nail your door-to-door job hunting! I hope you find a great job. Please share this article with your friends and family if you found it helpful. 

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