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First things first; The Story...

Dr. Nellie Kangwa Longwe is the 2019 United Nations Chairwoman Award Winner, she is an accomplished entrepreneur and pioneer. She is the founder and CEO of Project Life Design LTD and Women in the Marketplace (WIM). She has also founded several non-profit organizations and spearheaded their growth and expansion into various African countries.

She is a transformation specialist, speaker and researcher who especially specializes in empowering leaders to achieve their full potential. Dr Kangwa is also a published author, Master Executive and Relationship Coach as well as a Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP). She is an exceptional relationship builder and a strategic problem solver.

She has worked with multiple stakeholders to gather data on leadership in their community, barriers to change and communication channels to enable the embedding of change initiatives.


The three things Dr Nelly thinks you should consider if you’re going to become an innovative pioneer

  • Follow and develop your inherent gift.
  • Self Interrogation, prioritize, plan, promote
  • Start understanding and preparing for your career route after university. Will you be furthering your education? Will you be setting up your own company or looking for employment? (Which industry do you aspire to be employed in?)
The two things Dr Nelly learnt as a young person that shaped the person she is today are

I learnt to be clear with my values and follow through. I also learnt that in competition with only myself, so I should stick to my own lane.

Dr Nelly’s advice for someone dealing with self-doubt when it comes to pursuing the dreams 

You are unique, created in the image of God. You were born with an assignment in your hands. You are not a mistake but authentic.

People are waiting to pay for the value of your inherent gift. Your gift is worth a lot. When developed, it brings wealth which builds a legacy and brings fulfillment when significant.

The three mistakes Dr Nelly thinks young people make; 

The three mistakes young people make are peer pressure, low self esteem and blame shifting.

Relationships all young people need to establish to live purpose-filled lives

Networking can not be overly emphasized especially in the global village we are in and 4IR. We are in an interconnected world. The relationship must be carefully selected based upon how they are contributing to your career journey.

  1. Mentors
  2. Career Enhancers
  3. Proteges


Finally, a book all young people should read is

My book, The Make of a Real Woman is a manual for every woman. It’s premise is manifesting womanhood in the marketplace. Men should read it because it will help them understand a woman. A lack of understanding can destroy your entire dream! 

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  1. This is encouraging. I listened to you today on radio. It was motivating and challenging at the same time. I would like to be your student.

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