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My name is Sarah Zulu. I am the first born of 5 children born to Mr Richard Zulu and Agness Mpundu on 11th February 1994. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance. I love to read and write; I’ll be publishing a book soon.

I love education and I believe it is a right and opportunity everyone, especially children, should be given; not only to get a job, but for the practical knowledge to solve a lot of issues we face. I normally describe myself as a passionate person.


I am inspired by a lot of people. Women who are making a change inspire me a lot like Dr. Buumba Malambo, Pastor Gladys Paswani and Norena Chiteba. To narrow it down, I am inspired by my pastor, Apostle Fredrick Kaluluma who has taught me to impact lives in my sphere of influence.

Sarah Zulu
Sarah Zulu giving out stationery to the children they help under Nyali Foundation. Picture Credit; Nyali Foundation

About the organization…

Nyali is Nyanja or Chewa word which means light. The name explains who we are, what we do and our objectives.

Nyali foundation was started because aside from being passionate about education, I realized that I could pay forward the help I have recieved in my own life. Other people have helped with my education.

My education journey has had it’s fair share of challenges but I had people who were willing to help. I remember being chased from school a couple of times because of tuition fees. I also remember feeling and dealing with inferiority complex because a lot of my classmates came from more well to do families. For example, when they would start discussing certain TV shows, I wouldn’t know because we didn’t have DSTV. Lol. But I made a decision to make do with what I had. So Nyali Foundation was an opportunity for me to pay forward all the help I had received in my education journey.

We bring light to the children’s lives. We help by giving them an opportunity to realize their potential by helping with school supplies like school books and bags. We also focus on mentorship. We are taking a holistic approach.

Our objective is that the children we help can be lights and be examples and change the narratives of their families and their communities. 


We have so far managed to hold a successful literacy campaign and put some kids back in school. We have also organized partners and have been able to give out school supplies such as books and shoes. We are currently in the process of signing a memorandum of understanding to teach the kids technology skills.

literacy campaign nyali foundation


We have had a few challenges as well, for example; lack of funding to support our programs, getting committed volunteers and mentors for our kids and getting a permanent place.

In the next five years I see Nyali Foundation;

Having a resource centre where kids will learn different skills. I also want to us to expand to other provinces. I want us to AT LEAST sponsor 1000 kids. I also hope that more people could participate. Not everyone can start an organization, but we can all support in different ways.

Some encouragement for you…

» It has been an interesting journey; one with alot of hurdles, there are days I thought of quiting and under valued. Sometimes it is the people who you are helping who will not show gratitude but when it happens it is okay to take a break. Rest and think of why you started.

» Sometimes it gets real, you play so many roles because you are just starting out and you have to make sacrifices. Get ready to pay the price for your dream, to be honest they are certain things you have to put on the alter to see your dream realised. It might be giving your time or sacrificing your resources when you could have used the money to buy stuff for yourself .

» Get help… Don’t even think of being a lone ranger. Seek guidance and counsel from people doing similar works with you. Read books on how to be better

» Finally when you have done all, don’t be too hard on yourself, you will make mistakes trust me you will,learn from them and move on. It is a process and every journey is unique so enjoy it. Enjoy the different seasons

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